Jim Sweeney’s What Makes Work Worth It Story

Jim Sweeney is the head of Big Daddy Marketing & Minuteman Press-Bay Area and here is his story.

The self serving part of this is the lifestyle that comes from successful entrepreneurship. These businesses have allowed us to raise three beautiful daughters, support them at times, now employ 2 of them, and remain a relevant consistent presence in their lives; (and now our 1st grandbaby with #2 is on the way). While we are certainly not “wealthy”, we can pretty much do what we want, when we want. There is no better feeling than that. The reason we do what we do every day (including the staff, because we discuss this), is because what we do helps our clients grow their businesses, or our non-profit clients serve those less fortunate in the community. This creates more jobs in the area and helps all of us in the end, because in a small way, this also affects the quality of life in the area; (higher purpose).

An unexpected side benefit has recently come to the surface. We (Jane and I personally + our staff), are now mentoring a new screen print shop started by a local ministry.  The shop’s purpose is to get kids off the street and employ them in something meaningful. The young men (they are starting an embroidery business for the girls and women), are required to take personal finance, parenting, and Bible study classes as a condition of employment. These are mostly young people who would otherwise be unemployable. We’ve had the boys to our shop for an orientation and we’ve been mentoring them and assisting with the startup. There is no way I could take the time to do that if I were working for someone, nor would I have acquired the skills to help them start and organize the company, without the 18 years experience that I’ve gained by running my own printing, and now internet marketing company. It’s the things that we get to do now that we didn’t even understand back then, that make all of this worthwhile.

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