Neill Blokland’s What Makes Work Worth It Story

Neill Blokland is the founder of Guitar Theory Revolution and here is his story.

I get a couple of things out of this project (Guitar Theory Revolution). First of all, it helps me push myself to continually expand my knowledge about guitar playing and music theory. The second thing is a real satisfaction from helping people that have always struggled to understand music theory. It’s really cool to get e-mails and comments from people that have been playing for years for whom the lights have finally been switched off. The last one is that I enjoy the feeling of sticking it to the conventional music teachers who look down at any way of teaching that deviates from the piano paradigm that has been prevalent for hundreds of years. For some reason my unorthodox methods really rub them the wrong way. I guess I enjoy the feeling of going against the grain and getting better results because of it.

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