Roy Llera’s What Makes Work Worth It Story

Roy Llera is a photographer and here is his story.

First of all, it makes me happy! As a portrait/wedding photographer, I feel a great sense of excitement connecting with my clients knowing that I am capturing their story. A story that will resonate with those involved as it will bring back memories of moments experienced in this time, but also with future generations who will observe with curiosity and delight those that contribute to who they are today. In telling that story of a family, a wedded couple, a newborn with loving parents ~ I am totally immersed in their moments and the knowing that what I photograph will be a legacy that I have with thousands of clients. Then seeing the reactions of my clients when joy is expressed, and happy tears fall as they relive these moments, I realize that I have been fortunate enough to have been doing this for 30+ years. I’m still going strong at 54 and loving every minute of it!


Second, it allows me the opportunity to take care of my loved ones. As a parent and husband, to fulfill my responsibility in being a provider and nurturing future lives in finding their full potential is one I take very seriously. It shows my sons that finding a passion and then being able to live that passion in one’s work is a gift for them to witness. These are just my thoughts and I am sure there are more ~ but these two points are primary.

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