Sarah Petty’s What Makes Work Worth It Story

Sarah Petty owns Sarah Petty Photography and The Joy of Marketing and here is her story.

At my photography studio, Sarah Petty Photography (

As a child, I didn’t exist in any photographs! So, capturing the true spirit of my client’s children and producing it huge with the top quality framing, is what pulled me like a magnet toward opening my boutique photography studio two weeks before 9-11-2001. When I can catch magical personalities, pensive deep thoughts, and the love between a child and a parent, it makes time disappear. To me, when a parent celebrates their family with a beautiful, archivally-framed wall portrait that gives them goosebumps every single time they enter the room, I know I have done my job. And, getting paid to do this is the icing on the cake.

At my marketing company, The Joy of Marketing (

Every single time I receive an email from a small business owner telling me that they were on their last dollar and what I taught them has turned her business and her life around, I know I am in the right profession. Teaching and inspiring others to live a life doing what they love, and being financially rewarded for it, is one of the greatest careers I could have ever designed for myself. To have a career (two really) where I bounce out of bed in anticipation of the day, is what makes all of my work worth it for me.

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