Wendy Merron’s What Makes Work Worth It Story

Wendy Merron is with The Center of Success and HighPerformanceU.com and here is her story.

Wow. No one has ever asked me what makes it worth it for me. Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts. Here’s my list (not necessarily in order because every day is different).

  1. I get a high when a client experiences an “aha moment”, and realizes that they have learned something profound about themselves that can improve their life.
  2. Helping my clients makes me feel that I am doing something worthwhile. Whether my client wants to get over a fear of speaking, feel more confident, or learn how to direct his thoughts to achieve his sales, life, or performance goals, I love the feeling I get from helping. (My earlier career in the financial field never made me feel as if I was doing anything useful. It was good to make money for my clients, but I never got a warm fuzzy feeling when I thought about it.)
  3. One of the biggest benefits of having my own business is that I can pick and choose who I want to work with and spend time with. I believe we really are “who we hang out with”, and I’ve become a much better person because of the people I spend time with.
  4. Being my own boss means that there is no one to squelch my creativity.
  5. Teaching people how to direct their thoughts to improve their life has become a huge passion for me. Every time I teach, I learn more. What can be better than this?
  6. There is always more to learn, experience, and do. The status quo is ALWAYS improving and growing.
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